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This is a link to a girl who has lived on minimum wage a long while here in the UK, and how she went from having everything to literally NOTHING! Amazing post, which seems more like an article. Please read if you have time left over!!


“A Girl Called Jack”



About mariaaberdeen

Good morning ladies and gentlemen!!! This is my third blog portal, but ain't that third one the magic touch, eeyy??? This blog will mainly be in Swedish because I have promised my nan that she shall be able to see into my Aberdonian way of life, but when I travel back to Sweden peeps, then you can follow my life behind the curtains of the North of Scandinavia, in the country that's forgotten between (rich oil) Norway and Finland (yeah, the only Euro nation in Scandinavia). Så, på svenska till alla er andra som må tänkas finna ett litet intresse i denna blogg (hoppas ni behåller intresset också). Min förra bloggportal slutade fungera och nu prövar jag på den tredje sajten. Men det är ju på tredje försöket det vill sig, det vet väl alla?? ;P Hoppas ni lär er något, förundras eller bara anser mig lite knäpp -så länge jag får engagera någon cell i era levande organ blir jag glad. Ha en bra dag mina kära och enjoy!!!
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